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Rainy Days in Biei

What should I do on rainy days in Biei?

"I want to cycle around the patchwork hills and take Insta-ready pictures at Biei's top sightseeing spots!
But I wasn't expecting it to rain from the moment I got here..."
For those occasions, we'd like to introduce some Biei sightseeing that you can do even on a rainy day!

1Wander around the art museums

Biei has a lot of photography and art galleries.
Among them, the Takushinkan Gallery is the most well-known and displays the work of photographer Shinzo Maeda, whose photographs introduced Biei to a lot of people.
Mr. Maeda was charmed by the European-style scenery, taking photographs of Biei's hilly landscapes throughout his life.
Then, in a part of Biei called Takushin, he built a permanent photo exhibition gallery and a home among magnificent nature in the ruins of the former Chiyoda Elementary School, calling it the "Takushinkan".
To this day, the white birch avenue next to the building is the perfect sightseeing spot for taking great pictures.

●Facility Information


Takushin, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
9:00~17:00(May ~ Oct)
10:00~16:00(Nov ~ April)
May occasionally be closed in winter.

For a full list of galleries in Biei, please see the Biei Tourism Association's homepage.

2Enjoy an active walk in the forest

"It's raining today, so I can't do any outdoor activities..."
So you might think, but we have an outdoor activity that we'd like to recommend for rainy days!

Walking Tour in Shirogane Primeval Forest

On this tour, you can take a stroll through the forest with a Biei nature guide.
Of course, the forest is beautiful on sunny days. But in fact, the forest's green colour pops a lot more on rainy days.
As you walk through the forest with your nature guide, you'll make so many new discoveries.

Walk through the forest with your umbrella made from 100% natural materials in hand!


So many mysteries in the forest!

Moss that feels like a fluffy cushion.

For more information and reservations: Walking Tour in Shirogane Primeval Forest

3Laid-Back Cafe Hopping

Even on rainy days, eating tasty food in a trendy cafe will cheer you right up.
Cafes in Biei use only the very best ingredients, sourced locally.
For example, at the cafe "Likka Lokka" in the Bibaushi region of Biei, you can purchase bread made with Biei wheat.
You can also eat the bread you bought in the cafe, with its cute atmosphere. And by all means, try it with the chunky minestrone soup and a drink!

An adorable sign waits to greet you!


So many bagel varieties!

Please do also take a good look around the shop's interior!

●Shop Information

Likka Lokka

Bibaushiminami 1-5-50, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
10:00 ~ 15:00
Sundays & Mondays (April ~ Nov)
Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays (Dec~Mar)
※Temporary closures, unscheduled closures etc are announced on their blog (Japanese Only).

For a full list of cafes in Biei, please check the Biei Tourism Association website.

4Indoor Craft Experiences

How about an indoor crafting experience on a rainy day?
Hill Town Biei DMO can offer an indoor craft activity.

Experience making Tenugurumi at Biei’s oldest coffee shop!

"Tenugurumi" is a portmanteau of the Japanese words "tenugui" (a type of cotton towel) and "kurumu" (meaning "to wrap").
As part of this experience, you can use a Japanese tenugui towel to make a fruit or vegetable-- a tomato, an apple or a pumpkin.
Even the pattern used by each tenugui is something that has a unique meaning.
You can enjoy this experience in Biei's oldest coffee shop! How about it? Would you like to try this relaxing experience, drink in hand?

For more information and reservations: Experience making Tenugurumi at Biei’s oldest coffee shop!

Even a rainy day in Biei is sure to become a beautiful memory.
Find your favourite way to spend a rainy day in Biei!