Make Biei more beautiful than ever, forever.

Leaving beautiful Biei to the next generation

We at "Hill Town Biei DMO" are the leading organisation aiming to revitalize Biei town. We have three simple aims. First, we want to help local businesses. Second, we want to lead the way for regional sightseeing while taking into consideration the points of views and wishes of the local community. Third, we cooperate with locals and work together with them to solve regional issues. On December 21 2018, we were very proud that our registration as a "Destination Management Organization in Japan" was approved by the Japan Tourism Agency.


Sustainable management and development of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan" project.


We want to turn Biei's local values into commodities by fostering an awareness of the need to value both our agricultural way of life and the tourism industry. We plan to use a branding strategy to empower all of our local values. This enables us not only maximize the tourist's satisfaction but also that of local people and boost to the regional economy.


We aim to build a society which brings together the different people of Biei. In our ideal world, industrial sectors like agriculture and tourism as well as the diverse mix of locals and visitors can come together. We aim to achieve this goal through providing tourism programs which put a focus on Biei's local history, traditions, lifestyles and pride.

What is a DMO?

"DMO" stands for "Destination Marketing / Management Organization". DMOs play a key role in managing and creating tourism strategies.

Our Strategies

We plan to implement these four strategies and improve tourism in Biei.

Encouraging an understanding of tourism among locals.

Show the influence that tourism has had on the local economy. Aim for a mutual understanding regarding tourism among the diverse sectors in Biei

  • - Information / data collection on Biei's tourism
  • - Tourism survey
  • - Debrief sessions for locals
  • - Experience program monitor tours for locals

Development and suggestions of new tourism programs

Combine our regional resources with the understanding of local people. Use the requests of visitors to develop new experiences. Encourage visitors to stay longer in Biei instead of just a passing visit.

  • - Promotion of "Nohaku" programs, in which tourists stay in local farmers' residences and share their time with them
  • - Promotion of food tourism
  • - Developing products in collaboration with local businesses
  • - Promote the diversification of Biei's agriculture
  • - Revitalisation and rennovation of the high street

Efficient communication & marketing

Through gathering and analysing visitors' data, we plan not only increase the percentage of repeat visitors but also to give a deeper understanding of Biei's history, culture and charm to the region's biggest fans.

  • - Make a website for Hill Town Biei DMO
  • - Create a local guidebook
  • - Pariticpate in various PR activities
  • - Invite film and other creative industry experts to scout Biei as a location for projects

Establishing an accepting system

We wish to communicate directly with tourists though interpreters and regional guides. We also want to encourage local residents to communicate with visitors.

  • - Offering an interpretation service for foreign visitors
  • - Training local interpreters
  • - Training regional guides
  • - Create various organisations (related to guiding)

About The Organization

Organization name Hill Town Biei DMO
Address 1 Chome-2-14 Motomachi, Biei, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido
Tel (+81)166-74-5757
DMO Japanese Edition Registration Date December 21, 2018
CEO(Chief Executive Officer) Yoshinobu Ushiro
CFO(Chief Financial Officer) Katsuya Nagano
CPO(Chief Product Officer) Hiroshi Narita
CMO(Chief Marketing Officer) Takeo Izumi
Employees Takako Iwasa, Tomo Nakayama, Natsuki Mukai, Yuki Sakurama, Hiroaki Ogura, Takahisa Suzuki, Akira Koizumi, Hattie Richardson