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Turn just a single Japanese handkerchief into fruits or vegetables! Experience making Tenugurumi at Biei’s oldest coffee shop!

Held throughout the year

「Japanese Handkerchief × Wrapping」. Experiencing a taste of Japanese culture in Biei.

A "tenugui" is a Japanese handkerchief that has been widely used since long ago.
Tenugurumi is the art of turning handkerchiefs into 3D models while neither sewing nor cutting the cloth.

Why not experience making tenugurumi at Biei's oldest coffee shop?
You will be able to take home the masterpiece you have created.
You can use it for interior decor, or just use it as a handkerchief.
After making tenugurumi, you can enjoy the retro atmosphere of the shop and enjoy teatime together.

Suzuran is a coffee shop that has been popular among the locals in Biei since 1961.

Apple, pumpkin or tomato. Pick a favourite fruit or vegetable you like.

Enjoy a relaxing tea after making tenugurumi.

Accepting Status
Now Booking
Held throughout the year
About an hour (Tea time included) The experience duration differs by individual. The workshop will finish in 10 mins.
◆Timing schedule is negotiable.
※Please let us know if you would like to join our program between 2pm to 5pm.
◆The workshop will start as soon as you arrive at Kissa Suzuran.
※The tour will not run on the cafe's scheduled closure days (Thursdays).
※It takes about 10 minutes to finish your masterpiece. Duration might change according to the conditions of the day.
Enjoy tea time and relax after the tegurumi making workshop.
You may only choose selected drinks from the menu.

Conditions to participate
Minimum number of participants: At least 1 person
※Children aged 12 years and below must be with a parent or guardian in order to participate.
※Please tell us the mobile number you will be using from three days before you participate at the time of applying for the tour.
Things to bring/prepare
What's Included?
Tenugui (Japanese Handkerchief, ¥1800+tax), 1 free drink (Selected drinks only)
☆Please pay on the day if you wish to make additional purchases (e.g. lunch, other tenugui as souvenirs etc).
Ryoeisha 1st floor, 1Chome-5-35, Nakamachi, Kamikawa-Gun, Biei, Hokkaido Kissa Suzuran Google Maps
Transportation Service
Not Provided
Cash Only, pay on spot.
Terms and Conditions
Covid-19 Infection Control Measures

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we politely ask visitors coming to Biei from an area where a State of Emergency has been declared to refrain from making a reservation.

In addition, should a State of Emergency be declared in Hokkaido, we will suspend the operation of all of our tours. We deeply appreciate your understanding in this regard.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

・Please take care to confirm that you have not come down with a cold or a fever in the 2 weeks prior to the day of your tour.

・On the day of the tour, if your temperature measures above 37C, we will ask you to refrain from participating (if we have to cancel your tour due to a temperature or ill health, a cancellation fee will not apply). We will run each and every tour with a small number of participants in small groups, but we ask you to be mindful of the distance between yourself and other participants.

・In solidarity with customers, we are asking our guides to stay 2 metres (or, 3 large strides) apart from participants and other guides.

・Our guides will be equipped with hands-free microphones or similar, so that their voices will carry without being raised when offering guiding explanations. When offering explanations, the guides will do so without facing clients. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

・We will do everything we can to implement Covid-19 infection control measures while on tour, but infection control measures are not infallible. We ask that you participate with this in mind.
We operate a cancellation fee for cancellations at the request of the client.
Please be aware of the below cancellation fees upon applying to join the program.
Day before: 50%
On the Day: 100%
After tour start time / no show: 100%