[Experience Report] Biei Photography Tour

Take the perfect shot in the vast land of Hokkaido.

Are you always taking simple pictures on your smartphone?
Or perhaps you have a camera, but you can't use it too well?
There are quite a number of people with such concerns!

So on that topic, today we would like to tell you about a photo tour we tried thanks to Biei photographer Mr. Yuuto Hirasawa!

Mr. Hirasawa is a photographer currently residing in Biei. He shoots a wide range of pictures focused in the Biei-Furano area, from landscapes to wild animals.
He can take you to some choice secret spots of the day-- spots he knows about precisely because he lives in Biei.
Today, we will introduce you to his half-day course as this is the course that we took part in.
The half-day course has two patterns, AM Course or PM Course and we tried out the PM Course!

<Half-Day Course Flow>
【A】Depart at Sunrise ⇒ Photography ⇒ Breakfast & Break ⇒ Photography ⇒ Tour disbands around lunch time
【B】Depart at Noon   ⇒ Photography ⇒  Break  ⇒ Photography ⇒ Tour disbands at sunset

This course focuses on the Biei-Furano area, and depending on the the season and timing, Mr. Hirasawa will take you to the very best locations for photography on that particular date and time!
When we took part (mid July), it was the perfect season for pretty lavender and wheat fields.

Lavender is synonymous with Hokkaido in July!


Even those using a DSLR camera for the first time can receive kind advice on how to set up their camera and how to compose a picture.

"I'm always leaving my camera on Auto Mode, and it's a constant battle being unable to take pictures well between the weather and lighting...
Come to think of it, I've never tried used any other settings and I just don't get it..."

On this tour, you can resolve such concerns with Mr. Hirasawa's simple guidance!

I'm not sure how to capture being surrounded by beautiful lavender!

In a picture like this, it's a little hard to understand what it is the photographer wants to show you...

But if you open up the aperture (the F setting) the background blurs and you can take such a trendy photo!

July is a pretty season for wheat

We were also able to capture the movement of the clouds over the landscape!

During the tour, we happened upon this tractor making grass bales! Everyone was so excited!

A beautifully coloured wheat field and summer skies.

Summer clouds looking like an impressionist painting

At the end of the tour, we photographed the sunset before disbanding.
We've come to want to use everything we've learned this time to try out various camera settings so that we can practice taking even better photos!

Wouldn't you also like to take part in a Biei photography tour and capture the beautiful scenery of Biei's four seasons on camera?


Biei Photography Tour
Photo office Aotearoa
Representative: Mr. Yuuto Hirasawa

Biei-cho, Asahimachi 2-2-8-104