Family Fun in Biei

Enjoy your family vacation in Biei, all year round

Biei is a great place for many kinds of people to visit, but it's even more fun when you can come with your brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, kids and grandkids! Regardless of the season, there's plenty of family activities that everyone, whatever their age, will be sure to enjoy.

Today, we would like to introduce you to our top family activities in Biei.

Winter Season

1Whizz through the trees behind a snowmobile

Biei Family Test

We might not have sleighs or reindeer in Biei, but we do have plenty of snowmobiles and all kinds of inflatable dinghies that can be dragged along behind them. You could choose to be daring and ride a banana boat to get your adrenaline pumping... it's a bit like riding a motorbike in that you have to lean into curves as you go around them, skirting the edge of the snow. Or, if you have a large family or little children or grandparents with you, there's always the option of a regular rubber boat which will maybe not set your heartrate as high, but is still enjoyable.

Hold on tight, and enjoy the ride!

Biruke Platinum Activity

Saturdays & Sundays from Mid-Dec to 29th March.

The tour may be cancelled / altered depending on snow conditions.


2Snowshoe and play in a powdery field

Biei family fun

Thanks to a special collaboration with Biei's kind farmers, Be my BIEI has created a snowshoeing experience in a snow-covered pasture. Strap on your winter boots and warm layers and, accompanied by one of our friendly and knowledgeable guides, stride out into the winter wonderland. This is a great experience for families as it contains everything you might expect from a winter holiday. A little exercise, a little bit of adventure and a whole lot of fun. Why not have a race to the bottom of the hill? Maybe roll around and see who can make the prettiest snow angel, or make pictures in the snow? You could even sneak up on your family while they're not looking and throw a cheeky snowball at them!

And of course, after you're exhausted from all that fun, you can all relax and enjoy an Insta-worthy lunch or tea and cakes at a café in the hills.

Snowshoe Tour

Available everyday from 14th December – 29th March

The tour may be cancelled / altered depending on snow conditions.


3Make a powder surfboard and ride it at Biei Town Ski Area

Biei family fun

Are there hidden artists in your family? There might very well be and you'll find out for sure if you have the chance to make and decorate your own “yuki-ita”. A “yuki-ita” is a kind of Japanese snow toy made from wood and used like a surfboard over the soft powder. You can make all kinds of different shapes and sizes and every single person in the family will come up with a unique design that reflects their individuality. Later, head out to Biei's ski area, usually only known to locals, and take them for a ride down a powdery slope. It's a lot of fun to race each other to see who is the best surfer and it's also fun to swap each others' boards to experience how different designs have different effects as you glide over the snow.

Yukiita Making & Surfing

Available everyday from 25th December - 31st March

The tour may be cancelled / altered depending on snow conditions.



Green Season

1Cycle freely through Biei's Hills

Biei family fun

You might think that if you're coming with your family, a rental car is the best choice for exploring Biei. You're not entirely wrong-- they are faster, comfortable and will take you far. However, it seems a shame to spend your holiday stuck in a car, wouldn't you say? You could do that anywhere in the world!

We recommend that, at least for one day, you leave the family car parked somewhere and explore Biei on two wheels instead of four. It's great to feel the wind in your hair and to stop wherever and whenever you like to soak up the scenery. If your family is the adventurous type, you can grab road maps from any rental cycle shop and go it alone or you can enjoy a guided cycling tour around the hills accompanied by a knowledgeable cycle guide. You can just potter through the hills by electric bike at your leisure or, if you want to challenge yourself, you could even try cycling from Biei town all the way to Shirogane Birke on the new 20km-long cycle path!

*Only children of 135cm or higher can ride a bike. Child seats are available to affix to bikes for children under 115cm in height.

Biei Guided Cycling Tour

Operation dates change every year.

Please check the link below.


2Eat delicious vegetables fresh from a field

Biei family fun

It's important to teach children and other family members where food comes from and how much work goes into producing that food. It also goes without saying that kids love to get their hands dirty! A great way to combine these two ideas is to visit a farm where you can learn all about produce and try some for yourself, too. In Biei, there are a few farms where you can do just that!

The farmer and your guide will show you around the fields, which are usually out of bounds to the public, and you'll have a chance to try whatever delicious vegetables are in season. Depending on the time of year that you come to visit, sweetcorn, potatoes, tomatoes or asparagus may be in season but regardless of the vegetables you pick, this healthy experience will surely be enjoyed by both young and old.

Farm Harvest Experience


Available everyday, mid-August to late September

May be cancelled or altered in the event of extreme weather (such as a typhoon).


3Explore and learn in Shirogane Primeval Forest

Biei family fun

The forest is a beautiful place where all generations can enjoy a quick green fix. Here in Biei, we have Shirogane Primeval Forest a short drive away from the Biei Blue Pond. If you visit Biei with your family, we highly recommend joining one of our knowledgeable guides for a stroll in the beautiful Shirogane Primeval Forest, part of Daisetuzan National Park. The trail is not too rough or steep so it's suitable for a range of ages and the guide's explanations about the intricate biological relations between the forest's flora, fauna and humanity is sure to please adults. Kids meanwhile will be fascinated by the explanations about animals and the shapes of seeds, berries and leaves that can be found throughout the forest.

This educational tour combines exercise with learning and is a great choice for families.

Walking Tour in Shirogane Primeval Forest

Available everyday, 27th April - 17th November

The walk in the forest is about 2 - 3 km, so please prepare sensible footwear.


So, how about it? When you plan your next family holiday, consider Biei and its many activities for young and old. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our town!