Biei's Winter Activities

So you want to have some fun, even though the temperature is –20oC?
Biei's got you covered!

The average temperature during winter in Biei stays at around –14oC. Heavy snow covers the hills with white blankets. Here we would like to introduce you to some of our sports and activities in winter. But first, you'll need to suit up. Don't forget your winter clothes!

1Three stages of cold?!

Stage 1 – Freezing cold, from December to January. Stage 2 – Bone-chilling, happens in February and lastly, Stage 3 – that here-comes-spring kind of chill. You can feel that spring is approaching, yet snow still falls. Peaceful silence and the sight of a pure white blanket stretching out before you—that is Biei's winter. If you are able to overcome Biei's different stages of cold, well, perhaps you are already one of us citizens!

2Play in the Snow


Walk on the powdery snow while enjoying the curvy lines of the hills, or explore a magical Christmas Tree Forest! There's so much fun to be had in Biei!
Wouldn't you like to try it? Take a look at our list of snowshoe tours!


You can enjoy a thrilling snowmobile ride at Shikisai no Oka!
No trail permit nor license is needed! Drive a snowmobile yourself over the fluffy snow and relish the sensation to your heart's content!


Zoom down the hill on an airboard, the latest sports trend! Try it once, and you'll be hooked! Get your adrenaline pumping with an Airboard Experience!

Amazing Ice Structures

In Biei, you can find colourful igloos and playgrounds made of snow from late January until late February. They are beautifully lit up by night. Explore the town, and see what magical sights you can find!

3More ways to have fun in -20oC

Try play with bubbles and watch as they freeze!

A mysterious invisible man?!

Biei's wonderful winter awaits you!