Introducing the "Biei Tourism Etiquette" Minisodes!


Biei is known for its beautiful "Patchwork Hills", but these beautiful hills all belong to working farmers. However, there is no shortage of people who don't know this and who go into the fields wanting to take a commemorative photo.

Taking this into account, Hill Town Biei DMO has created a series of tourism etiquette minisodes to enlighten our visitors on Biei's tourism rules.

There are two minisodes, set in a wheat field in July and a mustard flower meadow in September. Of course, they feature plenty of beautiful scenery, so please give them a watch!

(The audio is in Japanese, but we have added English subtitles via YouTube. Please turn on Closed Captions for English subtitles.)


Biei Tourism Etiquette Minisode 1
"The Secret of Biei's Beauty"

Biei Tourism Etiquette Minisode 2
"The Secret of the Yellow Flower Meadow"

Hill Town Biei DMO is working to create a wonderful environment for both parties-- farmers working in the town and all of you who visit Biei-- through various initatives. In order to make Biei's beautiful hilly scenery a sustainable tourism destination, we must protect our agricultural fields.

Everybody's individual awareness and consideration can protect Biei's future.

We thank you very, very much for your understanding and cooperation.


This beautiful hilly scenery was made with love by Biei's farmers.

Please do not ever trespass in the fields.

Please take all photographs standing on the asphalt.

With a bit of help from everyone, we can protect this beautiful landscape.


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