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Enjoy Biei's Views and Food

Thanks to our guides, those participating in a DMO experience program can enjoy special views of Biei to their heart's content!
From trekking to forest walks, the scenery you see is totally different. Choose an experience that's just right for you!

We also recommend harvesting experiences, where you can harvest seasonal product in the middle of the picturesque hills!
These experiences are very special, precisely because you can sink your teeth into the goods there and then.

Why not make some special travel memories with activities you can experience only in Biei?

Savour Biei's Scenery Walking Tours

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Patchwork Hills Walking Tour (Takushinkan Course)

Patchwork Hills Walking Tour (San-ai-no-Oka Course)

Walking Tour in Shirogane Primeval Forest

Mt. Tokachi Mini Trekking

"Footpath" Walking in a Farming Field


Enjoy Seasonal Produce Fully Harvesting Experiences

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Harvesting Asparagus on a Scenic Biei Hill

Wheat Harvesting on a Biei Hill and Bread Made with Biei Wheat

Corn Harvesting in Biei

Colourful Potato-Digging Experience


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If there is anything you are uncertain of, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We're looking forward to seeing you in Biei!