Colourful Potato-Digging Experience

Late August ~ Late September

It's like digging for buried treasure!
Look forward to what colours might appear after you've dug them up!

"Potatoes are boring!" Well, that's where you're wrong!
Yellow, pink, purple... Did you know that potatoes were this colourful?
Dig up the very first new potatoes of the year and fill bags to the brim with them!
At the end, head to Biei Senka local farm shop and sample a delicious baked potato and popular strawberry juice.

Who knew potatoes could be this colourful?!
Delicious baked potatoes that look just like whipped cream!
Popular strawberry juice is the best in summer!
Accepting Status
Now Booking
Adults & Children:6000yen
※Solo Travellers:7500yen
※Private tours can be arranged for an additional 10,000yen per couple
Late August ~ Late September
Approximately 2 hours
<Course Content> ※Timings in brackets represent the afternoon course
◆9:00(14:00) Meet at Shiki-no-Jouhoukan Tourism Information Centre(Next to JR Biei Station)
◆9:15-10:00(14:15-15:00) Potato-digging experience on a farm
◆10:15-10:50(15:15-15:50) Baked Potato at Biei Senka and shopping
◆11:00(16:00) Arrival at JR Biei Station, tour disbands

 ※This tour is not operated on Biei Senka's scheduled closure days (Every Wednesday)
 ※Please come by rental car. The guide will lead the way in their car.
  (For those without a license or who have trouble driving, please inform us in advance.)
 ※The tour may be cancelled in the event of rain. We ask for your understanding in advance.
 ※Depending on the condition / cultivation of the crops, the tour's operational period may be changed.
Conditions to participate
Minimum number of participants: 1 adult (children must be accompanied by a minor)

 ※For insurance purposes, we require the names as per passport and ages of all participants.
 ※Upon applying, please inform us of a contact phone number we can use to reach you the day before and on the day of the experience.
 ※As we will loan you long boots, please let us know the shoe sizes of everyone in your group.
Things to bring/prepare
・Clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty (we will provide long boots and straw hats)
・Plenty to drink
What's Included?
・A dedicated guide
・Experience in a farming field
・Potatoes as a souvenir (1 plastic bag full of potatoes you harvested)
・Light meal at Biei Senka (Jacket Potato, strawberry juice)
・Consumption tax
Shiki-no-Jouhoukan Tourism Information Centre (Next to JR Biei Station) Google Maps
Transportation Service
None (For those who do not have a driver's license or who are finding getting about difficult, please inform us in the notes section when submitting your application form)
Please pay on the day (cash or card)
Terms and Conditions
- The content of the tour may be subject to change depending on the condition of the crop.
- This tour may be cancelled due to rain. In addition, if it rains heavily the day before the tour, the ground may be unstable which may mean that even if the day of the tour itself is sunny, the tour may be cancelled. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.
- We will contact you the day before or the morning of the tour in the event that the tour is cancelled, so at the time of booking please inform us of a working cell phone number or your accommodation's telephone number that we can reach you at.
- We regret that we cannot accept reservations for participants who are there only to observe, translate, etc. Anyone wishing to take part must pay the booking fee.
- When you enter the fields, please wear the boots provided and disinfect them to protect against harmful bacteria spreading to the crops. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.
- There are no shaded places in the field. Please bring towels, sunhats and drinking water with you and take your own measures against heatstroke.
- No smoking on the farm's grounds.
- There are no convenience stores, vending machines or toilets in or near the fields. Please use the toilet at Shiki-no-Jouhoukan before the tour departs.

Cancellation / Changes:
We operate a cancellation fee for cancellations at the request of the client.
Please be aware of the below cancellation fees upon applying to join the program.
Day before: 50%
On the Day: 100%
After tour start time / no show: 100%