Harvesting Asparagus on a Scenic Biei Hill

Mid May ~ End of June

Freshly-picked asparagus brimming with water content- surprisingly juicy!
Taking a bite from a raw asparagus is a moving experience you can only enjoy in a farming field!

Have you ever seen how an asparagus grows?
If you take a nibble out of a freshly-picked asparagus, the natural sweetness and gushing water content will surprise you.
This is a special plan that allows you to take pictures of the superb view and experience two delicious flavours from one crop!

Asparagus, growing quickly as they bathe in the sun.
Asparagus harvesting right in the middle of a scenic field!
Take a big bite out of just-harvested, fresh, raw asparagus.
Accepting Status
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Adults & Children:6,000yen
※For solo travellers, the fee is 7,500yen
※Private tours can be arranged for an additional 10,000yen per couple
Mid May ~ End of June
Approximately 2 hours
<Course Details>
◆9:00 Meet at Shiki-no-Jouhoukan Biei Tourism Information Centre (Next to JR Biei Station)
◆9:15-10:45 Asparagus picking experience & eating asparagus raw
◆11:00 Arrival at JR Biei Station & Tour Disbands

 ※On rainy days, there is a chance that the experience may be cancelled. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
Conditions to participate
Minimum number of participants: 1 adult (children must be accompanied by an adult)
 ※For insurance purposes, we require the names as per passport and ages of all participants.
 ※Upon applying, please inform us of a contact phone number we can use to reach you the day before and on the day of the experience.
 ※As we will loan you long boots, please let us know the shoe sizes of everyone in your group.
Things to bring/prepare
・Clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty (we will provide long boots and straw hats)
・Plenty to drink
What's Included?
・Guide fee
・Agricultural experience in farmland
・Your own harvested asparagus (up to 20 stalks per person)
・Sickle and other farming tools
・Consumption tax
Shiki-no-Jouhoukan Biei Tourism Information Centre (next to JR Biei Station) Google Maps
Transportation Service
Please pay on the day (cash or card)
Terms and Conditions
・Depending on the condition and cultivation of the crops, this experience may be cancelled.
・The tour may be cancelled in the event of rain. In addition, the tour may be cancelled if heavy rainfall the day before the tour causes the earth to become waterlogged, or if, due to the conditions of the field the tour needs to be cancelled even in good weather etc. We ask for your understanding in advance.
・In the event that the tour is cancelled, we will contact you the day before or on the morning of the tour so we request that you inform us of a telephone number or address that it is possible for us to reach you at.
・We regret that we cannot allow participants to just observe. Please inform us of the exact number of participants who will enter the farmland.
・Upon entering the farmland, we will ask you to change into the boots we have provided and they will be disinfected in order to prevent disease-spreading microbes on your shoe soles getting into the soil. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
・When cutting the asparagus, you will be using a bladed sickle so please handle with great care. In particular, to avoid injury to children, we ask that parents or guardians confirm safety points with their children during participation.
・There are no shaded areas in the field so we ask that you bring sunhats, a towel to wipe away sweat and plenty of fluids to protect yourself against heatstroke.
・Smoking is forbidden in the fields.
・There are no convenience stores or vending machines around the fields. Please prepare your own drinks to bring in advance.
・If you wish to use the restroom, we will go to the public toilets at a nearby park by car.

Cancellation / Changes:
We operate a cancellation fee for cancellations at the request of the client.
Please be aware of the below cancellation fees upon applying to join the program.
Day before: 50%
On the Day: 100%
After tour start time / no show: 100%